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An Animation introduction to educate and highlight the need for
Safe Connect Plus+® Technology today in every family!
Safe Connect Plus+® Technology Products work by creating a subtle energy field that carries health and wellness information to impact positively. They harmonize not only the human bio-field but also any damaging and chaotic fields of energy of exposure resulting from man-made electromagnetic fields. The subtle proprietary field of energy formulated using over 240+ resonating frequencies helps bring the human body into a more balanced state of homeostasis on a cellular level. This formula of resonating frequencies is embedded and encoded into each Safe Connect Plus+® product through an advanced electronic encoding system using precise sound, light waves, and nano-crystalline technology. Our products permanently vibrate with this field of information. They harmonize and reformat all harmful, chaotic wireless and electrical offenders into fields of energy that become beneficial to you, balancing and strengthening your body, mind, and emotions.

Essential Oils (10ml bottle) - The Gift Essential Oils (10ml bottle) - Di-Gest Plus+
Safe Connect Plus+® DISCLAIMER
Many people believe in the beneficial effects of using subtle energy fields to transform the negative impact of man-made electromagnetic fields. However, Safe Connect Plus+® Company, all it's staff, affiliates, distributors or resellers make no medical claim that any of it's products are intended to prevent, cure, mitigate, treat or diagnose disease. If you believe you have a health problem please see your doctor or health professional immediately. All Safe Connect Plus+® printed information, social media, videos, websites, etc, are presented for informational and educational purposes only and are not to be taken as medical advice or prevention of disease.

Product Disclaimer:
All product images are for representational purposes only. Since most SCP products are individually hand crafted & designed, slight variations in size, shape and color may occur. Products are not shown in actual size unless otherwise stated. Depending on wearer’s acidity levels, any clear or white resin products may show slight color variance over time.