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Business Opportunities

International Affiliate
Become a part of our rapidly growing Team of Distributors who are providing
EMF Solutions for the Radiation Risks of Wireless Convenience all over the World!!

Safe Connect Plus­+®
offers several different Distribution Programs that not only allow you the opportunity of making money from our significant Discounts and Referral Rewards Program, but they also help increase the awareness of, and provide a solution for, the ever growing health threat of man made Electromagnetic Fields.

Select Your Distribution Program To Start Your Earnings

Domestic Affiliate (U.S. only)
The Domestic Affiliate Program is for U.S. residents only and offers a discount of 30% along with a 10% referral rewards program!

International Affiliate (non U.S. only):
The Intern
ational Affiliate Program is for those living outside of the U.S. and offers a discount of 40%!

Retail Dealer:
The Retail Dealer Program is for any Retail Business owners, including Web Based Businesses and Health
Practitioners anywhere in the world and offers a discount of 50%!

US Domestic Affiliate