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A unique stabilizing oxygen supplement with 240+ encoded resonant frequencies. (Frequencies encoded through an advanced electronic encoding system with precise sound and light waves). Each series of frequencies in the atomic structure of this oxygen product represents perfectly balanced glands, organs, vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, full-spectrum colors, and much more - to the benefit of humans and animals!
It revitalizes your body and increases stamina and mental clarity. Also, high in bioavailability,
liquid oxygen works to promote overall well-being.

The body can not function without oxygen, and too often, we get only enough to sustain ourselves. The StaybOlizer Plus+ is a revolutionary liquid that helps deliver more oxygen and balanced frequencies for our optimum health. "So experience the vitality, stamina, and energetic effects of the ONLY oxygen product on the planet encoded with 240+ bio harmonious resonating frequencies of health!!" When used in conjunction with proper diet and nutritional lifestyles, this product will enhance, support, and increase your level of health and wellness, bringing you greater Energy*Balance*Relief!!"

Try it now to experience the amazing benefits of this new product.
Energetically Encoded Liquid Oxygen
With Over 240+ Resonant Frequencies

*Now 10% Strength

*2oz Bottle With Dropper

*Enhances & Supports Metabolism

*Anti-Fungal & Anti Bacterial

*Detoxifies & Cleanses

*A Natural Anti-Septic

*Activated Stabilized Oxygen

* pH balanced formula

*Completely Natural Ingredients

*Assists With Cleansing

*Made In The USA

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StaybOlizer Plus+™ 2oz Liquid Oxygen
Retail Price: $39.00

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Staybolizer Liquid Oxygen

Safe Connect Plus+® DISCLAIMER
Many people believe in the beneficial effects of using subtle energy fields to transform the negative impact of man-made electromagnetic fields. However, Safe Connect Plus+® Company, all it's staff, affiliates, distributors or resellers make no medical claim that any of it's products are intended to prevent, cure, mitigate, treat or diagnose disease. If you believe you have a health problem please see your doctor or health professional immediately. All Safe Connect Plus+® printed information, social media, videos, websites, etc, are presented for informational and educational purposes only and are not to be taken as medical advice or prevention of disease.