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The "NEW" Safe Connect Plus+® dual-purpose
Bead Bracelet is offering-5G Ready Resonance Technology which effectively harmonizes and balances the body, relieving stress when exposed to EMFs (manufactured electromagnetic fields). Safe Connect Plus+® created the bracelets with two lava beads, allowing the essential oil to be added and used as a personal diffuser. The beads are beautifully colored stone beads specially chosen for their beauty, light-reflecting colors, & sheen! The center Black/Clear BEAD has The Safe Connect Plus+® proprietary 240+ resonant frequencies embedded and encoded into it to provide you with that much-needed
Energy, Balance, and Relief Technology.

Children’s – 2” around – 5.5 inches long – 25 6mm beads

Women’s – 2.25 around – 6.5 inches long – 21 8mm beads
Men’s – 2.5 around – 7.5 inches long – 19 8mm beads and 8 wooden spacers

Safe Connect Plus+® DISCLAIMER
Many people believe in the beneficial effects of using subtle energy fields to transform the negative impact of man-made electromagnetic fields. However, Safe Connect Plus+® Company, all its staff, affiliates, distributors, or resellers make no medical claim that its products are intended to prevent, cure, mitigate, treat or diagnose disease. All Safe Connect Plus+® printed information, social media, videos, websites, etc., are presented for informational and educational purposes only and are not to be taken as medical advice or prevention of disease. If you believe you have a health problem, please see your doctor or health professional immediately.

Product Disclaimer:
All product images are for representational purposes only. Since most SCP+® products are individually handcrafted & designed, slight variations in size, shape, and color may occur. Many people believe in the beneficial effects of Negative Ions. We at Safe Connect Plus+® make no medical claims regarding negative ions. We only offer the user a way to experience and judge for themselves the benefits and effects of this negative ion technology.