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Introduction To Electromagnetic Fields and You
By Jody-Founder, Developer & CEO of Safe Connect Plus+

My name is Jody and I have realized, that in order to help people deal with many of their sicknesses and diseases, it is essential to address man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their damaging impact on all living matter! Presently, the worst dangers are the onslaught of EMFs from cellular phones as they are held next to the brain each day and even clipped to the body! After spending 12 years of research in “Quantum Molecular Medicine” we have created a line of harmonizing products called SAFE CONNECT PLUS+® ~ EMF Resonance Shields!

Mankind is now permanently connected
to a world that is increasingly saturated with distorted chaotic energetic wave impulses from tel-communication towers, electric grids, computers, cellular & cordless phones, Wi-Fi, fluorescent lighting, microwaves, etc. Our “New Technological Age” is creating significant discord and chaos in Human Cellular Function and Energy Fields . This translates into all forms of discomfort, stress, weakened immune function, mineral and enzyme loss, poor brain function, sleep disorders, and cancers.

Scientists estimate that the average daily exposure to man made EMF radiation is 100 million times higher than it was in previous generations!!!

“Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible.” ~Andrew Weil, M.D.

Safe Connect Plus+®
Shields work on a cellular level in conjunction with the human bio field, which is the energy field that extends beyond the skin and is comprised of bio photons. Safe Connect Plus+ harmonizing devices for the body and mind are influenced with over 230+ Resonant Frequencies which are encoded and embedded into the Shield’s nano-crystalline and natural plant based resin. The body then resonates with the encoded Shield's frequencies in perfect pitch, thus balancing the central nervous system, glands, organs and all body systems. One single photon is said to carry more than four megabytes of information and the bio field of the body is made up of billions of photons. Imagine what is happening at the cellular level!
  • Cell Phone Shields/Bluetooth Shields: reformat EMFs from all cellular and cordless phones, handheld computers, watches, blow dryers and iPods, etc.
  • Personal Body Shields: are worn as a necklace or placed in pockets/undergarments.These strengthen the human bio field and aid homeostasis (balance), for the body, mind and emotions.
  • House Shields: Plug into a single wall outlet to transform the entire chaotic circuitry of home or office into a field of energy that balances and strengthens. ( up to 2000 sq ft per level )
  • Laptop/Technology Shields: transform EMFs from wireless and microwave sources, reformatting all waves into harmonious waves when touching or near wireless and microwave devices. This includes the harmful radiation that is now being emitted from Smart Meters.

Jody-Founder, Developer & CEO of Safe Connect Plus+®
Jody has earned over 35 certifications in the Natural Health Care Field and has over three decades of experience working in Alternative Medicine and Optimal Health Methods. Jody is the President of The Living Well Center of Ormond Beach, Florida and has helped thousands of clients. Her experience as a Natural Healthcare Professional inspired her to study and obtain certifications in the following fields:

Biofeedback and Electro-Dermal Screening
Certified EAV Technician
Herbology and General Nutrition
Applied Kinesiology
Live Blood Cell Analysis

She has worked in conjunction with many other physicians in her area teaching seminars and workshops in "Overcoming Chronic Degenerative Disease" and "Our Body Electric" to mention a few. Jody has been working in the area of the Research and Development of EMF (electromagnetic field) Resonance Harmonic Devices and electronically encoded and embedded products during the past decade.